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NameFrançois-Philippe Champagne
Mailing AddressOttawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A6
Mailing Address8 Saint-Charles Street Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec J7E 2A2
fax 1613-996-6883
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François-Philippe Champagne PC MP, born on June 25, 1970, is a Canadian politician known for his significant contributions to the country's governance and development.

François-Philippe Champagne for Representative

François-Philippe Champagne PC MP, born on June 25, 1970, is a Canadian politician known for his significant contributions to the country’s governance and development. Since 2021, he has served as the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, where his expertise and vision have made a profound impact. Prior to this role, Champagne held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2019 to 2021, playing a crucial role in shaping Canada’s foreign policy.

Born and raised in Shawinigan, Quebec, Champagne demonstrated remarkable academic prowess from an early age. He pursued his passion for law by attending the prestigious Université de Montréal and later Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Armed with a solid educational foundation, Champagne embarked on his professional journey, working as a senior attorney for Elsag Bailey Process Automation. In 1999, he joined the esteemed ABB Group, where he steadily climbed the ranks to become the Group Vice President and Senior Counsel. His exceptional skills and dedication were recognized, and in 2008, he was invited to join Amec PLC as a Strategic Development Director. Champagne’s remarkable achievements were acknowledged by the World Economic Forum, which designated him as a “young global leader.”

Driven by a deep desire to contribute to the well-being of his home country, Champagne made a decision to return to Canada and engage in the political landscape. Inspired by the remarkable leadership of fellow Shawinigan resident Jean Chrétien, Champagne aspired to follow in his footsteps. In 2015, he accepted the nomination as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Saint-Maurice—Champlain, previously represented by New Democratic-turned-Liberal MP Lise St-Denis. His candidacy resonated with the constituents, and he emerged victorious in the general election held on October 19, 2015, earning a seat in the House of Commons.

Champagne’s political journey gained momentum as he assumed the role of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance following his election in 2015. In this capacity, he showcased his strategic thinking and commitment to serving the Canadian people. Recognizing his exceptional skills and potential, he was subsequently appointed as the Minister of International Trade in 2017, where he played a vital role in advancing Canada’s economic interests on the global stage.

In November 2019, Champagne reached a pivotal milestone in his political career when he assumed the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, leading Canada’s diplomatic efforts during a critical period. During his tenure, Champagne demonstrated his astute diplomatic skills and unwavering commitment to fostering strong international relationships. He played a significant role in shaping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy agenda, working tirelessly to promote Canadian values and interests worldwide.

One of the notable highlights of Champagne’s tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs was his role in welcoming and supporting the historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Recognizing the positive impact of this agreement on the stability of the Middle East, he expressed Canada’s support and appreciation for the suspension of Israel’s plans to annex parts of the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank.

In the 2021 Canadian cabinet reshuffle, Champagne’s exemplary track record and expertise led to his appointment as the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry. In this capacity, he continues to drive Canada’s innovation agenda, facilitating the growth of key sectors and fostering technological advancements. His leadership and strategic vision contribute to positioning Canada as a global leader in innovation and scientific development.

François-Philippe Champagne’s remarkable journey from his early years in Shawinigan to his current role as a prominent government minister is a testament to his dedication, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to serving the Canadian people. His contributions in the fields of foreign

affairs, international trade, and innovation have left an indelible mark on Canada’s political landscape, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader and statesman.

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