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NameChandra Arya
Mailing AddressOttawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A6
Mailing Address201-240 Kennevale Drive Nepean, Ontario K2J 6B6
fax 1613-992-1336
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Chandrakanth "Chandra" Arya MP, born in 1963, is a prominent Indo-Canadian Liberal politician known for his representation of the Nepean riding in the House of Commons of Canada since the 2015 federal election.

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Chandrakanth “Chandra” Arya MP, born in 1963, is a prominent Indo-Canadian Liberal politician known for his representation of the Nepean riding in the House of Commons of Canada since the 2015 federal election.

Born and raised in the village of Dwarlu in Sira Taluk, Tumakuru district, Karnataka state, Arya pursued his M.B.A from the esteemed Kousali Institute of Management Studies, affiliated with Karnatak University, Dharwad. In 2006, he made the decision to immigrate to Canada. Before entering politics, Arya served as the chairman of the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber, demonstrating his dedication to fostering business ties between the two nations.

Arya’s political career began with his election to represent the Nepean riding in the House of Commons of Canada during the 2015 federal election. He went on to secure reelection in the 2019 federal election, solidifying his position as a respected member of Parliament. Currently, Arya serves as a member of the Standing Committee on International Trade, contributing to important discussions and decisions concerning Canada’s international economic relationships.

Throughout his political journey, Arya has faced various challenges and controversies. In 2016, an ethics inquiry was launched following his decision to award graduating students with Amazon Kindle e-readers or cash prizes for displaying perseverance in the face of adversity. Arya defended himself against accusations of violating the House of Commons conflict of interest code, stating that the Nepean Liberal Riding Association funded the awards.

In 2021, Arya found himself in a position where he needed to apologize after a staff member mistakenly emailed private information of nine hundred constituents to CPC staffers. Although Canadian privacy laws prevented any sanctions, the incident highlighted the importance of maintaining privacy and data security.

Despite facing criticism from various groups, including the Ottawa Punjabi Association and opposing candidates, Arya successfully won reelection in the 2021 federal election. Notably, he made history in 2022 as the first member of Parliament to deliver a speech in his mother tongue, Kannada, in the House of Commons of Canada. Additionally, Arya has been vocal about issues affecting the Hindu community, condemning acts of vandalism against Hindu temples and expressing concerns over the representation of Hindu deities in popular media.

Arya’s achievements also include the unanimous passage of his private member bill, designating November as Hindu Heritage Month. However, the flag-raising ceremony on Parliament Hill during the event drew controversy, with some organizations expressing concerns about potential political affiliations. Arya clarified that the flag represented the Hindu faith and not support for any specific political organization.

In early 2023, media reports highlighted Arya’s expenditure on protocol gifts, including the purchase of plaques using taxpayer funds. Although he defended the purchases as being intended for his constituents, questions arose regarding his relationship with the firm responsible for supplying the plaques.

On April 14th, 2023, Arya sponsored a petition, e-4395, urging the Liberal government to reconsider the establishment of a “foreign influence transparency registry.” He expressed his agreement with the concerns raised by the petitioners. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported the idea of the registry but cautioned about the need for careful implementation.

Chandrakanth “Chandra” Arya MP continues to serve as a dedicated representative, working towards the betterment of his constituents and advocating for issues close to his heart. His political career is marked by accomplishments, challenges, and a commitment to serving the interests of the Nepean riding and Canada as a whole.

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